Neighbors just like you, as volunteers,have trained and comprise the membership of the Agoura Hills CERT Disaster Response Team. Through the national Citizen Corps Program under the Office for Domestic Preparedness, this “all-hazards” mission gives citizens the opportunities to work with professional public safety first responders to prepare, train and volunteer to make our hometown of Agoura Hills safer and more secure.This donation will be supplemental support beyond limited governmental funding sources and for the exclusive benefit use by the Agoura Hills CERT Disaster Response Team for Personal Safety Clothing & Equipment, Training and Operational Expenses.

Your donation may be tax deductible

The Department of the Treasury – Internal Revenue under Service Publication 526 Charitable Contributions sets forth the Types of Qualified Organizations which are allowed to receive qualified tax deductions, for which in the case of the Agoura Hills CERT Disaster Response Team, it is a political subdivision (being the City of Agoura Hills) of a state (being the State of California) that perform substantially governmental functions for which this organization must be solely for public purposes. Listed as examples of such a qualified organizations are Civil Defense Organization and Nonprofit Volunteer Fire Companies, therefore, the Agoura Hills CERT Disaster Response Team qualifies as a Qualified Organization.

Please submit any donations along with the form below. Your support is greatly appreciated.